Telescope Patio Slings | Telescope Chair Slings

Replacement slings for Telescope patio furniture is what we specialize in! Give your Telescope patio sling chairs the repair they need with hundreds of patio sling fabrics and fabric mesh of your choice! Don’t get rid of patio sling frames that have plenty of life left in them, sling repair services will make your Telescope outdoor patio furniture 100% again for as low as $37.99 per chair.

Do your patio sling chairs, sling chaise lounges or even your sling loveseat need some love? Patio Sling Site offers the LOWEST prices guaranteed for outdoor patio sling repair with the largest sling fabric selection on the market. We ARE the factory! If you are paying more for patio slings, chances are they are buying from someone that is buying from us, don’t make that mistake!

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