Replacement Instructions

Installing Replacement Patio Slings on your Patio Furniture

Depending on the manufacturer and age of your old patio slings replacement time may vary. If using the directions below you should be able to replace your furniture patio slings within 30 minutes to an hour.

Remove the sling rail end caps

Using a flat head screw driver, carefully remove the plastic end caps from both ends of the sling rails, making sure not to break/damage them.

Remove the old sling

Depending on the age of the slings some can be slightly difficult to remove. The easiest way to remove them is to cut the old sling down the middle using a utility knife or scissors, then sliding the old slings out.

Removing hardware (from one rail) and spreader bar(s)

Next you will need to remove the bolts from one of the sling rails (keeping one attached) and remove the spreader bars(s).

Re-installing new replacement sling

First you need to feed the new splines through the slings. Next feed your new replacement sling into the rails (make sure everything is even) and bolt the loose rail back onto the chair.

Installing spreader bar

This can be difficult depending on the manufacturer of your patio sling set but with some help can be done rather easy. Some furniture brands will allow enough resistance to manually spread the sling rails apart by hand (using a second person) and bending the spreader bar slightly to fit into place and others may require you to use a spreader tool that can be purchased for around $10.

Cut any excess spline and re-install end caps

Cut any excess sling spline material with scissors or wire cutters and re-install the end caps.

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