Welcome to the Sling Site, we manufacturer custom replacement slings in 100+ sling fabrics (including Sunbrella) to fit nearly every Hampton Bay sling patio furniture collection starting at $37.99 a chair sling! We have been doing this for over 40 years for nearly every patio furniture material (aluminum chairs, wicker, pvc, etc) and make everything here in the USA (including the fabric), providing you with a QUALITY product that will last!


Hampton Bay Chair Slings | Patio Chair Repair

This part of our factory is gears toward people with quality patio sling furniture that needs a little repair (replacement sling fabric) to bring it back to life. More importantly, our patio slings will get you back looking like new for $37.99 a chair, and you get to choose from hundreds of high end fabrics compared to the 2-3 choices you get elsewhere. Remember, we manufacture these patio slings here in the USA with high quality control, priced as low as someone could possibly price these, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Hampton Bay patio furniture sling fabric repair

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Slings

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    Watercolor-Tweed-Pearly Patio Chair Slings
    Replacement Chair Sling 1pc.
    Spline Size:

    1/4” (Standard)

    Fabric Selection:

    Watercolor Tweed Pearly

    Top Width:








    1 X $37.99 = $37.99